The Menu

“Keeping an innovative, fascinating and healthy way of food preparation is among the major priorities of ESTE Restaurant.
By selecting top quality products from all over the world and blending those with local herbs and fresh wild-growing spices,
the classic dishes are presented by unique signature in new, non-conventional mixture.

“The dishes by themselves are emotion, feeling that they generate through the senses – a message that can be transmitted through food.”

Chef Dimitar Damyanov | Head Chef of Este Restaurant

Basil bruschette with parmesan mousse, tomato fondue and pine nuts

200g 13,00lv.

Wild salmon cooked tartare with olives, spelt bruschetta and gribiche sauce with truffle

200g 15,00lv.

Guacamole with roasted cherry tomatoes and almonds

200g 13,00lv.

Olives selection

100g 10,00lv.

Jamon Iberico de bellota platter

100g 36,00lv.

Cheese selection

200g 30,00lv.

Lobster soup with saffron risotto, vegetables and seafood

250ml 16,00lv.

Soup of the day

250ml 7,50lv.

Catalan salad with cherry tomatoes, celery, fresh salads leaves, onion and “Este” vinaigrette

With lobster for 100 gr. | 22 lv.

With shrimps 250 gr. | 23 lv.

With octopus 250 gr. | 26 lv.

Caesar salad with crispy bacon, quail egg, capers and parmesan croutons

With chicken 250 gr. | 21 lv.

With shrimps 250 gr. | 23 lv.

Cauliflower and quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley

With shrimps 250 gr. | 23 lv.

With scallops 250 gr. | 26 lv.

Spinach with avocado, cherry tomatoes, almonds and parmesan

250g 22,00lv.

Cognac marinated wild salmon fillet with salads and vegetables

200g 25,00lv.

Burrata with fresh salads leaves, rose tomatoes, pine nuts, marinated zucchini, jamon Iberico and guacamole

250g 24,00lv

Black Angus beef with cheddar, tomato, pickle cucumber, mustard and crispy onion

300g 40,00lv.

Tandoori salmon with avocado mousse, marinated zucchini and crispy potatoes

300g 30,00lv.

Buckwheat pasta, pesto sauce and parmesan

250g 28,00lv.

Fresh pasta with prawns, cherry tomato, olives, capers, tomato sauce and basil

300g 30,00lv.

Parmesan risotto

280g 22,00lv.

Cepes risotto

300g 26,00lv.

Wild fish fillet on charcoal or Italian style (May depend on the catch of the day)

300g 60,00lv.

Wild salmon fillet on charcoal or Italian style

300g 50,00lv.

Grilled octopus

300g 55,00lv.

Grilled langoustines

300g 65,00lv.

Black tiger shrimps

300g 50,00lv.

Crispy calamari

300g 45,00lv.

Chef’s lobster

for 100g 22,00lv.

Bio-chicken fillet on charcoal barbecue

300g 48,00lv.

Rack of lamb with thyme sauce

300g 60,00lv.

Mangalica pig cutlet with mustard sauce

300g 55,00lv.

Australian Black Angus “Tomahawk” and red wine sauce (for two)

600g 160,00lv.

American Black Angus tenderloin

300g 90,00lv.

Chopped beef meat ball on charcoal barbecue

300g 40,00lv.

Celeriac root purée

Аromatic lentils

Steamed vegetables

Spicy garlic broccoli with almonds


Black truffle potato mash

Baked potatoes

Grilled artichoke