Este Restaurant limited Christmas sweet gifts collection

Este Restaurant limited Christmas sweet gifts collection

The Holiday Season is upon us, and we can already feel the festive vibes around us. Once again Este Restaurant is ready to help you make your celebration beautiful, tasty and outstanding. Our limited 2023 Christmas sweet gifts collection is here for you. Whether you want to give a beautiful surprise to your family and friends, bring joy to the kids at home or show your respect and gratitude to business partners and co-workers, we have something to offer.

Our specially crafted gingerbread sleds and houses are a real piece of art. You can order them in two sizes and in two main color variations – light blue or the absolute 2023 pink trend. And we promise, they not only have a fascinating vision but also taste like magical Christmas.

If you want to stick to tradition but also stand out from the crowd with style, please go for our Christmas treats baskets. The premium selection of sweet and savory hand-crafted pastries and sweets offers a vast variety of beloved flavors – fruits, chocolate, gingerbread, winter spices, merengue. Just add a bottle of premium wine or champagne and a greeting card with kind wishes for a perfect finish to a perfect gift.

Here you can have a closer look at our limited 2023 Christmas sweet gifts collection. And if you need some more festive inspiration before making your orders, we have prepared for you a brief history of traditional Christmas treats.

From festively shaped biscuits to extravagantly decorated gingerbread houses and sleds, gingerbread has become a culinary staple of Christmas. Gingerbread dates to medieval times. However, there was no ginger included in the original recipes. The medieval variety is made with honey and breadcrumbs. These were mixed with saffron and pepper to form a stiff paste which was formed into a square, sprinkled with cinnamon and decorated with box leaves secured with cloves. Sometimes it was also coloured red by adding sanders – the finely ground bark of the red sandalwood tree. Later on, ginger was added as a key ingredient. It had long been praised for its abilities to aid digestion. Therefore, it became a popular and tasty comfort treat at Christmas.

One of the oldest Christmas sweet treats is the fruitcake, which fueled the Roman army. It became popular at the time of the Crusaders, who packed along the energizing treat during their search for the Holy Grail.

Pies, too, are traditional for Christmas. Originally, they were made of chopped meat, fruit and wine, but nowadays the preferred versions are with fruit filling or caramel and nuts.

The popular story about the origin of the candy cane revolves around a German choirmaster who, in 1670, made white candy sticks to keep his young singers still during a long church service. Eventually, the sticks were curved like shepherd’s sticks, and it wasn’t until around 1900 that they assumed their red stripes and peppermint flavoring.