The Menu

Keeping an innovative, fascinating and healthy way of food preparation is among the major priorities of ESTE Restaurant. By selecting top quality products from all over the world and blending those with local herbs and fresh wild-growing spices, the classic dishes are presented by unique signature in new, non-conventional mixture.

Olives selection La Bella Di Cerignola

100g 11lv.

Panko tomato with Spanish garlic bread with tomatoes

320g 26lv.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota platter

100g 52lv.

Cheese selection

200g 48lv.

Octopus carpaccio with coriander, red pepper and citrus vinaigrette

150g 69lv.

Black Angus beef carpaccio with parmesan mouse, mushrooms and truffle vinaigrette

120g 44lv.

Nebraska beef tartare with slow-cooked egg yolk with mustard mousse and whole wheat bruschettas

130g 78lv.

Cognac-marinated wild salmon fillet with vegetables

220g 46lv.

Caesar salad with crispy bacon, quail egg, capers and parmesan croutons

With chicken 250 g | 28 lv.

With shrimps 250 g | 34 lv.

Cauliflower and quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley

With shrimps 250 g | 38 lv.

With octopus 250 g | 56 lv.

With scallops 250 g | 52 lv.

Tabbouleh salad with spicy crispy squids, fresh salads and amaranth popcorn

200g 28lv.

Salad with fresh baby spinach and salmon tartare, Tajaska olives and cherry tomatoes

180g 32lv.

Salad with roasted beets, French goat cheese mousse and almonds

210g 38lv

Burrata cheese salad with pink tomatoes, guacamole, pepper and pistachio marmalade, eggplant chips and Jamon crumbs

250g 34lv

Lobster soup with curry and coconut, vegetables and seafood

250ml 18lv.

Soup of the day

250ml 12lv.

Goose liver with pistachio puree, fig chutney, aromatic bread and grape must

160g 44lv.

Langoustine with porcini, fresh pasta, white wine sause with truffle, chicken quinelles, bisque foam and herb oil

190g 66lv.

Scallops with mashed peas and bacon, lemongrass foam, purple potato chips and peppermint oil

160g 52lv.

Crispy octopus tartare with soy butter sauce, smoked sour cream and capers chips

150g 54lv.

Grilled chipperones baby squid

200g 32lv.

Buckwheat pasta, pesto souse and parmesan

250g 26lv.

Fresh pasta Aglio e Olio with black truffle

250g 28lv.

Black Angus beef with cheddar, tomato, pickle cucumbers, mustard and crispy red onion

300g 86lv.

Tandoori salmon with avocado mousse, marinated zucchini and crispy potatoes

300g 48lv.

Turbot fillet with Bearnaise sauce with lobster, poached egg, salsafi with jamon and celery puree

280g 128lv.

Turbot fillet Italian style with artichokes, potatoes, olives, capers and anchovy marinate

280g 86lv.

Wild sea bass fillet with pistachio puree, aromatic lentils, sauteed spinach, frog legs and lemongrass foam

280g 96lv.

Salmon fillet with black truffle cream, parmesan tapioca, steamed broccoli, saffron foam and celery chips

300g 56lv.

Wild sole fillet on BBQ

150g 84lv.

Wild John Dory fillet on BBQ

150g 82lv.

Octopus on BBQ

180g 82lv.

Chef’s lobster

for 100g 35lv.

Dairy veal tenderloin with artichoke puree, celery cream, spelled risotto with wild mushrooms and roasted beetroot

250g 76lv.

Lamb fillet with cuttlefish crust, peas puree, glazed carrots, couscous and smoked ricotta risotto, sauteed spinach and salsafi chips

260g 92lv.

Surf and Turf Black Angus beef fillet and prawns, with celery puree, porcini mushrooms and steamed asparagus with black truffle

180g 126lv.

Nebraska beef fillet on BBQ with red wine souse

180g 200lv.

Wagyu beef fillet on BBQ with red wine souse

180g 164lv.

Black Angus beef fillet on BBQ with red wine souse

180g 90lv.

Black Angus Tomahawk on BBQ for two with red wine souse

for 100g 34lv.

Slow-cooked Black Angus beef cheeks with red wine souse

180g 58lv.

Mangalica pork chops with mustard souse

180g 52lv.

Chicken fillet Tandoori style with basmati rice and vegetables, coconut milk, coriander and green curry

270g 48lv.

Bio chicken breast

170g 38lv.

Broccoli with slivered almonds

200g 8lv.

Black truffle potato mash

200g 9lv.

Aromatic lentil with parmesan

200g 14lv.

Baked potatoes

260g 7lv.

Steamed vegetables

200g 18lv.

Celery purée

140g 8lv.

Sautéed spinach

200g 12lv.

Parmesan risotto

200g 12lv.

Raspberry variation with white chocolate mousse, nuts and coconut.

150g 18lv.

Este tiramisu.

180g 18lv.

Chia with coconut and seasonal fruits.

180g 16lv.

Exotic dessert.

180g 17lv.

Este cake.

150g 10lv.

Cannellon with white chocolate mouse, strawberry variation and pistachio ice cream.

150g 18lv.

Milk chocolate mousse with almonds, white chocolate panna cotta and lime powder.

150g 18lv.